Did you go to use your old child carrier and discover that the sunshade has disappeared? Here at Kelty, we try to continually innovate and grow, pushing the boundaries of our designs to new limits. That means that when it comes to our child carries, we have adapted and manipulated our designs to try to make them better with every generation. Given these tweaks and changes, our new shades are unfortunately not compatible with our older child carriers. As for having older sunshades hanging around, once we stop manufacturing an item, the inventory no longer gets replenished meaning we are out of older models. If you would like to try and track one of those older shades down, we would recommend checking out some secondhand shops and gear exchanges and seeing if you can find a compatible one that way!  Be aware that materials can break down over time and make sure all safety straps are intact for the safety of your child.


Alternatively, if you are in the market for a new child carrier, feel free to check out our current inventory here: Kelty Child Carriers.