Are you trying to determine whether to buy a down or synthetic sleeping bag?  Here are some qualities, pros and cons of both for your review to hopefully help you decide!


Down - Natural

  1. Generally performs better in dry locations.  When feathers get wet, they clump and lose their ability to insulate more than synthetic fibers.
  2. Provides a higher warmth-to-weight ratio.  Weighs less and packs smaller than synthetic bags of equivalent warmth
  3. Longevity of down maintains its loft better after repeated packing and unpacking
  4. More expensive and not as insulative when compressed


Synthetic - Blend of polyester synthetic fibers

  1. Performs better in wet environments
  2. Still insulates and retains heat even if it gets wet
  3. Dries much faster than down
  4. More affordable than down
  5. Recommended for wet climates or inexperienced users less adept at keeping their sleeping bag dry
  6. Offers better insulation than down when wet 
  7. Better price points than down
  8. Usually heavier - weight of insulation directly related to warmth
  9. Larger pack size than down bags


Hopefully you'll find the perfect one to suit your adventures!