Unfortunately, we no longer have any spare external pumps available for our Kelty airmattresses. However, no need to fear, you can still blow up that mattress, it will just take a little bit of jury-rigging! The valve may look like it can only be operated with the pump, but you can actually operate it by hand and with a bit of practice it can be mastered. Without further ado, to inflate your bed, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Get any aftermarket airbed pump that has a conical shaped nose (like the Wenzel Rechargeable Pump
  2. Turn the self-lock valve with your hand 
  3. Insert pump and begin pumping up the bed
  4. Once you hit your desired firmness, pump up the bed a tad bit more because it may lose a bit of air during the next step
  5. Quickly remove the pump and turn the valve shut with your hand (this part demands some speed and may take some practice to achieve optimal results) 
  6. Once the valve is closed, you are good to go using the bed the same as you always have