If you just need a new carbide tip, let us know here and we can mail that out to you. Otherwise, see the instructions below:



  1. Boil water:  Put the end of the pole tip in the water and let sit for at least 30 seconds to allow the glue inside to melt and get the ferrule to come off. 
  2. Throw broken ferrule away:  Follow the directions on the epoxy* in order to glue the new ferrule on.
  3. Let dry for the FULL 2 hours and probably do NOT use the same day the repair is done and allow 24 hours to set before using on hard surfaces/snow. 


*Buy this product or something similar online:   Loctite - Marine Epoxy 0.85-Fluid Ounce Syringe 3,000 PSI, found at stores such as Amazon.