Kelty cannot be held responsible or reship packages that were lost or stolen after they have left our warehouse. If your package says it was delivered but you do not have the package, please contact FedEx at 1 (800) 463-3339. Tell the voice recording you would like to "Track a Package." It will then ask for your tracking number.  Once it tells you the package was delivered, please press 0 and this should immediately transfer you to a customer service agent. From there tell them the package was marked as delivered but never arrived. They can then assist you and open a trace case to get the package located and delivered. Please be clear you are asking for a trace case, not a lost package claim.  This is a common issue that they are usually able to resolve quickly. They generally want info from the receiving customer so it can be easier for you to contact them directly. We also recommend checking with leasing offices, neighbors, mail rooms, etc. If this does not resolve your issue with delivery, please contact customer service here with the trace case number and we will do what we can to help!

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the customer to track their package with the tracking number provided by Kelty at the time of shipment, to ensure proper arrangements are made to receive the package on the FedEx estimated delivery day/time.

 If you cannot make proper arrangements to be present when your Kelty package is estimated to arrive, please contact FedEx directly to make delivery arrangements. For more information, visit or call 800.GoFedEx (800.463.3339).