We take child safety very seriously and, as a result, we are unable to perform repairs on child carriers. If you suspect that your child carrier has a manufacturing defect, please submit a ticket through our portal here and attach your proof of purchase and we would be happy to exchange it for you. Please be aware that the warranty period for a child carrier is 7 years in the event of a manufacturing defect. It is important to note that if your carrier is damaged or not functioning properly, it should not be used. 

Before using your carrier, please check the tag located in the seating area for the year of manufacture, which is indicated by the last two digits of the number. If your carrier is 7 years or older, we recommend that you replace it as materials can deteriorate over time, even if the carrier appears to be in new condition, and it is no longer covered by the warranty. Please ensure that all parts are intact before using the carrier at your own risk.